O U R   S T O R Y

Los Angeles Best Jewelry Designers

 There was never a moment that I didn't consider

myself an artist. Before I could speak I expressed myself through what I made

with my hands, from sewing to painting to creating something out of nothing. Growing up in a household that encouraged exploring many different mediums of art really helped mold my passion for hand made things and allowed me to pursue life on the path I chose. That path

led to a line of jewelry with a combination of very unique skills, from pushing metal to their limits, to sculpting with wire wrapping. I imagine the wearer seeing a reflection of

themselves; beauty in simplicity and imperfection.

 So much labor goes into the making of each piece, but with such a gratifying end

result. So in my journey of living life with intention, I’ve decided to choose joy and love over fear and do what makes me happy. The passion for jewelry making brings the best of me

and I hope to reflect that through every single piece of jewelry.